Bachar Houli Foundation

At the Bachar Houli Foundation, AFL builds community and provides equal opportunity for all its members. Their unique focus promotes mutual understanding and respect, and strong community spirit.


[Amran Ibrahim:] I think it’s really important to allow access to community sport, because it’s such an important way that young kids can develop social skills, but also an understanding of different people, different religions, different cultures. 

[Amran Ibrahim:] One of the key objectives of the Bachar Houli Foundation is to promote community harmony and mutual understanding through sport.  

[Marwan El-Houli:] That’s the beautiful thing about sports in Australia — it connects so many different people and allows people who have so many differences off the field to come together and play with each other on the same team, and in turn I’ve actually made some lifelong friends out of that. 

[Amran Ibrahim:] I think the Foundation has been huge in my own development. I’ve been able to mentor young girls that are the same age I was when I had some really big questions that I didn’t know how to answer about my identity and who I was, and how to both be an Australian and a Muslim at the same time. 

[Marwan El-Houli:] I think that’s the best part about football, is it brings you and your friends together and you’re all striving for that same goal. 

[Marwan El-Houli:] To me, community in Australia means an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and open to doing whatever they want, whilst also having the support of those around them. 

[Amran Ibrahim:] What’s really great about Australia is that freedom of religion. It allows you to hold on to your core beliefs without compromising who you are, but still be an Australian at the same time. 

[Amran Ibrahim:] I think there are similarities between practicing faith and playing any kind of sport — there’s an openness, a sense of community togetherness. 

[Marwan El-Houli:] One of the biggest things in my faith is actually family and welcoming those around you and being inclusive, and I think that being around a football club is pretty similar. 

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of association are important Australian values. The Bachar Houli Foundation celebrates these values and promotes mutual understanding through AFL.

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