What is Harmony Week?

Harmony Week is a time to celebrate that in Australia – everyone belongs. We’ve asked members of the community what Harmony Week means to them.


[Jugat Kaur]: Harmony means to me – living together peacefully.

[Yaseen Hakimi]: Equal opportunity. 

[Sadiqa]: Democracy.

[Darran Bevington]: Love.

[Crystal Nguyen]: Harmony means to me – community.

[Darran Bevington]: And making that community your family.

[Sherene Hassan]: Harmony Week is about a sense of inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everybody.

[Jugat Kaur]: It’s important to celebrate Australian cultural diversity, because we come from so many corners of the world.

[Bassir Qadiri]: That’s our strength and that keeps us going. 

[Darran Bevington]: It’s important we celebrate Harmony Week, because everybody should feel like they belong.

[Derik Lynch]: To find out more and to get involved, head to www.harmony.gov.au

We are not defined by race, religion or culture but by the shared values of freedom, respect, fairness and equality opportunity. Find out more about the seven Australian values and what they mean.

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