Virginia Haussegger | Harmony Week

[Emma Brown-Garrett]: Is there a message that you would like to portray to the people of Australia for this Harmony Week?

[Virginia Haussegger AM]: We have so much to be proud of, and we have so much to be grateful for. I’m going to get emotional saying this but… Again, travelling a lot, particularly reporting from around the world, and you really really see this and feel this. We are such a rich nation. We are such a privileged nation. And I know that that richness is not equally shared.

We are a safe nation.

We are a compassionate nation

We are a friendly people.

We’re caring people.

And so, all of these kinds of extraordinary qualities, I hope most Australians don’t take for granted. Because they are things to be cherished and to be nurtured. And to be encouraged too. And continue to encourage in children as well.

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