Hobart Mosque Open Day: Connecting the Community

The Hobart Mosque Open Day offers an opportunity for Tasmanians to meet and learn more about Muslim members of their community, helping to break down social barriers and form community connections.


[Sayed Mohamed Buhari]: TMA conducts multiple activities every year in Tasmania, such as Hobart Mosque Open Day. We are conducting multiple activities to promote positive interaction between Muslims and wider Australia as well as the multi-faith communities. 

[Rif’at Fajuranto]: We start with food, and we start with something that we enjoy together; and then we can talk something else; and then we can explain more about what Islam is all about. 

[Bill Pearson]: I wanted to come as soon as I heard about it and I wanted to be here to meet some people, talk with them, have a look around, feel the energy inside; so it’s been quite wonderful. 

[Rif’at Fajuranto]: That’s why we organise activities so that people can come and see and look at us, and they’ll realise – we’re just same people who are just part of Australian communities. 

[Jade Li]: I always find it very welcoming to come to this event, because it offers a great opportunity for connection, meeting new friends. We share the same Australian values – we face the same challenge after moving to a new place, so we can work together on community projects to contribute to a better life together. 

[Rif’at Fajuranto]: It’s all about unity and cohesion and all of those big words. 

[Jade Li]: For me, multiculturalism is not just a policy word, it’s a personal understanding. When I talk to individual people and in coming to these kind of community events, make it very real. 

[Bill Pearson]: This brings people together with open arms, to say, ‘come and say hello, just come and meet us and say hello, have a chat.’ And it can only, it can only do good, only do good.

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