RLSWA Swim & Survive


[Cyrus Milne]: So, the Swim and Survive Program at Royal Life Saving is all about teaching Australians how to swim and survive -and giving them as much access as possible. I’ve been swim teaching for the last two years. It has been some of the most rewarding work that I do. We have people of all different backgrounds, religions, ages, cultures, all coming together to swim and survive.

[Amos Kiprop]: The Program has given me more confidence and courage, to learn more and live more. It has given us a sense of ‘we are part of the Australian community’.

[Achol Madong]: I think for us, it’s really important that the students are given the tools so they can safely enjoy our waterways. We want to make sure that those that come to this country have that knowledge and have the skills to go out and enjoy themselves.

[Elizabeth Fowler]: Swimming is the perfect activity for bringing communities together. They encourage each other, they cheer each other on. It makes me feel that what I’m doing isn’t just teaching swimming, it is very much about the shared experiences of community.

[Uswa Zainab]: I think community plays such an important role in a person’s life. Having that support around you and knowing that there are people who are in a similar situation as yourself, and then, how they can experience those things with you and support you along the way.

[Dr Fahad Ashraf]: As a migrant, when I came to Australia, I felt alone -but getting into the swimming program actually provided me with an opportunity to interact with people. I appreciate the Australian Values and especially Freedom of Expression, freedom of speech. I love the community spirit in Australia and I’m happy to be a part of it.

[Cyrus Milne]: The values I love about Australia are Equal Opportunity and Equality. I believe Royal Life Saving embodies that,both in the workplace and with our students. In a sense of bonding and that cultural exchange -that’s what community really is, sharing and helping each other to be better, towards the same interests.

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