Port Adelaide Football Club | Harmony Week

The Port Adelaide Football Club shows its “Super Power” this Harmony Week. It started as a three week program, now five years later 17 schools across Adelaide are sharing and celebrating the power of AFL in bringing people together.


[Alipate Carlile]: The Power Intercultural Program has been running, it’s in its fifth year now. It started off as a three-week program with eight schools involved; it has now grown to 17 schools.

Harmony Day and Harmony Week is really important because the students as part of the program design a way to celebrate their own cultures and that’s within the school.

They have come up with murals, they come up with dancing, and food – those pillars of culture is what they base it on.

They are really excited to share their own culture with other students, especially their school community; it’s a great way for everyone to come together.

[Tabitha Saville]: This program is great because it goes deeper than the school work and footy work; we just talk to them about issues they face at home, maybe struggling with their identity.

[Noha]: I think it does a lot for our girls, particularly this program; it kind of evens out the playing field for them.

[Nicole]: It helps them really develop empathy for each other by being part of the program; they get a chance to hear each other’s stories and really understand each other and where they have all come from.

[Allir Aliir]: Harmony Week is always a good week.

I got involved in the one in Sydney – it’s just about recognising people and the important message of you belonging, it doesn’t matter what your culture or background is, everyone belongs

[Hamish Hartlett]: I think it’s really important for everyone to respect that people have come from cultural backgrounds – everyone does have a story to tell so be really supportive of those people around you and harmony week is a great time to reflect on those stories

[Alipate Carlile]: As part of the Power Intercultural Program, the carnival is run at the end of June. We get all the 17 schools together and play a nine side carnival.

[Noha]: They get to communicate and interact with other cultures, other students from other schools, which they might not get the opportunity to do otherwise

[Student]: I have made a lot of friends at the carnival actually, even though our religions and our cultures are different. In the end, it shows you that we are all one and are all united and can all make a change for certain things.

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