Hunter Page-Lochard

Creativity is our superpower

Storytelling and the arts are important ways to create an understanding between cultures in Australia. We’ve spoken with Hunter Page-Lochard, Actor, Writer and Director, about how he uses the arts to bring people together and create a greater understanding between different cultures.


[Hunter Page-Lochard]: The Arts form a nexus for connection, inclusivity and understanding. Like, you can watch a film or a play and the love story just connects you in a certain way, and – this is powerful! You know…and that’s what creativity does. My name is Hunter Page-Lochard. I’m an actor and aspiring writer and director, and I am a presenter for children’s television.

The one thing that I love about my Australian identity and heritage is – I guess it’s the connection to culture through art. I think telling a story is something that’s really strong in my Indigenous heritage, but also, you know, in my mother’s side; in her Haitian-Caribbean side. So, it was always something that I wanted to give to others…and I think that came through creativity.

The one thing that I’m very proud of is definitely being a part of Play School as another Indigenous presenter, but also writing an episode for Play School that was an Acknowledgment of Country. It was a very awesome moment because there was a lot of children that weren’t Indigenous that were watching it – that felt a part of it.

And so, that was a really powerful moment I think, because the youth of tomorrow – having a sense of these aspects of life, whether it be culture and art, or different languages from the country that they’re from, and that’s a future I would love my children to be a part of. And the Australian value that I relate to the most and love, is the equal opportunity that we all have.

I think the Arts – it’s all a strong way for people to connect to each other as a community, which I think is why art is so important, especially in Australia being a heavily multicultural country. Storytellers have been doing it for years – that’s why I’m in this industry. I just think creativity is our superpower – that’s what pushes us in the right direction.

Art is so important, especially in Australia. Hunter Page-Lochard shows that the arts can bring people together and create intercultural harmony.

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