Harmony Week 2022

Celebrate Harmony Week with Dami Im. To explore resources, register your event or participate in one of the many public events, visit www.harmony.gov.au 

与 Dami Im 一起庆祝 Harmony Week。要探索资源、注册您的活动或参加众多公共活动之一,请访问 www.harmony.gov.au 

與 Dami Im 一起慶祝 Harmony Week。要探索資源、註冊您的活動或參加眾多公共活動之一,請訪問 www.harmony.gov.au 

Kỷ niệm #HarmonyWeek với Dami Im. Để khám phá tài nguyên, đăng ký sự kiện của bạn hoặc tham gia vào một trong nhiều sự kiện công khai, hãy truy cập www.harmony.gov.au 

احتفل بـ Harmony Week مع .Dami Im لاستكشاف الموارد أو تسجيل الحدث الخاص بك أو المشاركة في واحدة من العديد من الأحداث العامة ، قم بزيارة www.harmony.gov.au 

On Thursday 29 February 2024 the Australian Values Program and its online engagement channels will be closed. We would like to thank everyone who shared their stories or engaged with the Australian Values Program in its three years of operation through the website, X, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The values will continue to hold their place in our diverse and inclusive community through other initiatives, as well as playing an integral part of the visa application process and Australian Citizenship test. For more info visit the Australian Values page.