Dami Im | Harmony Week

[Dami Im]: Hello. My name is Dami Im, and I am a Korean Australian singer-songwriter.

As a little Korean girl arriving in Australia, I found it challenging because I didn’t know what cultural differences there were. I didn’t speak any English when I first got here so I really turned to my music and I focused on practising piano and also listening to the songs that were really popular at the time.

Thinking about me as a little Korean girl arriving in Australia, and then to now having to sing the national anthem, it means so much to me. It’s such an honour and a real reflection of the Australian society.

Australia has a very unique national identity — it’s so accepting and inclusive.

I love throwing Korean barbecue parties for my friends who have different backgrounds. I love that I get to celebrate that part of that culture that I brought with me from Korea.

I’ve been so lucky to have been given so many amazing opportunities to achieve my dreams in this country, because Australia is really the land of opportunities and I’m so grateful for that.

Aside from our differences, what unites us as people is that we all want to belong and be a part of a community.

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