A message from the Governor-General | Harmony Week

[Governor-General, David Hurley]: Harmony Week is about celebrating one of our greatest strengths — our diversity.

The sum of our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives makes anything possible, and it makes me optimistic about our future.

In my Australia Day Address, I spoke about the goodness that exists in our communities, towns and cities across the country.

I called it a richness of spirit.

Regardless of your cultural background or how long you’ve been an Australian, that richness is part of who we are.

We see it in the actions undertaken each day by people and organisations the length and breadth of this country.

Linda and I are privileged in our roles to see examples of it every day.

The people doing these great deeds are all different — they come from a range of backgrounds and are the product of all sorts of experiences — and that is worth celebrating.

In celebrating our diversity during Harmony Week, we also have an opportunity to celebrate those who have made an outstanding contribution by nominating them for recognition through the Order of Australia.

The Order of Australia is our nation’s pre-eminent system through which to recognise achievement and service to the community.

Anyone can nominate someone to be considered and all Australians, regardless of their background or field of endeavour, are eligible.

I know that there are people in your community who are deserving of a nomination.

So, in Harmony Week, I encourage you to nominate someone who perhaps considers themselves to be ‘ordinary’ but who you know to be ‘extraordinary’ and worthy of recognition.

To find out how you can nominate someone from your community, go to www.gg.gov.au.

Have a Happy Harmony Week.

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