Celebrating Our Australian Values

Take a look at some inspiring stories of Australians living the core values of our nation. Expect more great stories in 2022.


[Kathleen Quan Mane]: The values that are important to me are – fair go for all, freedom of speech. 

[Monica Wilkie]: Our sense of community, our sense of having a go and looking after your mate. 

[Nehchal Singh]: The freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Treating everyone with respect and dignity and generally giving everyone an equal opportunity regardless of their background. 

[Brendan Pang]: Growing up in Australia, a lot of experiences that I’ve been quite privileged to have – I’ve been able to go to really good schooling, opportunities to go to university and study. Further than that, build my own business and be quite well connected in the community that I live in. 

[Jamie Pi]: We as a nation gives the foundation, gives the chance for people to do well. Gives you the freedom to pursue what you want to pursue. 

[Sikh Gurdwara]: Well, I love everything about being Australian. The freedom we have here, the facilities we have here, I could not have afforded them in India, so, I obviously love being an Australian. 

[Monica Wilkie]: Whether you’re male, female, what ethnicity, what background you come from… as a surf lifesaver, the ocean doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. 

[Sarah Loh]: That’s the best thing about Australia, is that everyone is equal… that’s what made me belong. 

[Dr Fahad Ashraf]: I love the community spirit in Australia and I’m happy to be a part of it. 

[Jamie Pi]: We’re a culture of having a crack, that solidifies what we are about as a nation. 

[Kathleen Quan Mane]: Everyone has a fair go; everyone has the same opportunity. It’s up to you to take it up or not.

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On Thursday 29 February 2024 the Australian Values Program and its online engagement channels will be closed. We would like to thank everyone who shared their stories or engaged with the Australian Values Program in its three years of operation through the website, X, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The values will continue to hold their place in our diverse and inclusive community through other initiatives, as well as playing an integral part of the visa application process and Australian Citizenship test. For more info visit the Australian Values page.