Bernie and Princess Ibini-Isei

We’ve spoken with Aussie football talents, Sydney FC Forward Princess Ibini-Isei and 2x A-League Champion Bernie Ibini-Isei, about the support they’ve felt from Australians when competing at a national and international level.


[Bernie Ibini-Isei]: I feel like I’m the better footballer because I’ve won more championships than my baby sister over here. But she might have something else to say about that. 

[Princess Ibini-Isei]: Right now, he has a few more years on me, so that’s probably why he’s won more championships. 

[Bernie Ibini-Isei]: But I still have so… I’m Bernie Ibini-Isei. And this is my baby sister. 

[Princess Ibini-Iseli]: Hi, I’m Princess Ibini-Isei. And we both represented Australia, playing football. 

[Bernie Ibini-Isei]: Wearing the Australian jersey and entering the pitch is definitely a proud moment, something I never would have envisioned growing up. 

[Princess Ibini-Isei]: It’s definitely a nerve-racking feeling stepping onto the field, wearing the Australian jersey, but it’s also very exciting. Like you always want to play for your country and to put on the green and gold is always a privilege.  

My proudest moment for my brother Bernie would probably be all the countries that he’s been able to play in and all the things that he’s achieved over his career. He’s had a long career and hopefully there’s many more years to come. 

[Bernie Ibini-Isei]: Football’s given me the opportunity to travel all over the world and learn about different cultures, which has been a great time and a great experience. Football is a universal sport and it’s a language within itself that every country speaks and it breaks down barriers.  

I would say what I’m most proud of about Princess is her drive, her determination. She’s played for the national team; she’s played for the Matildas. You’ve played over 100 games now as well, so at her age, to have done that has been an amazing achievement and I’m super proud of her. 

[Princess Ibini-Isei]: Representing Australia and having the support is amazing as I feel the love from back home, wherever I am around the world. Winning the Grand Final of Sydney FC is probably one of the highlights of my career and also scoring my first goal for Australia. Gender equality is so important to football and the Australian Sports Commission are amazing for championing that. 

[Bernie Ibini-Isei]: The Australian value that resonates most with me is a fair go for all and it’s all about respect and compassion for others. 

[Princess Ibini-Isei]: Football Australia’s Legacy 23 plan is amazing for women’s football as it brings awareness for women in sport. My advice to young women that want to get involved in football would be to just go and kick a ball with your friends. You don’t have to go play for a club or do anything professionally. Enjoy it, be yourself and have fun and enjoy the experience.

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