Bakhtar Community Organisation

The Bakhtar Community Organisation have been a welcoming and supportive presence in the lives of over 2000 Afghan and Ukrainian refugees in Victoria.

With the help of Rotary Club of North Balwyn, local schools and community organisations, Bakhtar have provided a range culturally appropriate food, clothing and household goods during an incredibly difficult time for many.


[Bassir Qadirif:] The main mission of Bakhtar Community Organisation is to be a platform for the Afghan community, to bring all ethnicities under one umbrella and to be part of the wider community.

[Bassir Qadirif:] At the moment, we have supported over 2000 refugees with culturally appropriate food packages.

[Sulaiman Anwarzai:] The Bakhtar Community supports the families who need clothes, they need shoes, they need computers, the stationery — whatever.

[Bassir Qadirif:] We have a partnership with a lot of other organisations, such as Rotary Club. Every weekend we have a delivery from Rotary Club, supplying us with donations to provide back to the new arrivals.

We got together and we made a plan for how we can support the community, not only the Afghans but also the Ukrainians that came later on.

[Natalia:] We came here to have some food, clothes, shoes.

[Olena:] This organisation helped me, helped my children – thank you.

[Bassir Qadirif:] That’s what I love about Australia, about being Australian. It means to give back to the community to support each other. The Australian value that we really are passionate about is equality among people — we really respect that.

[Sulaiman Anwarzai:] In my situation, we came to Australia with only one bag, so when I just help any families to give something, I really feel happy.

[Bassir Qadirif:] We need to celebrate our common values, so therefore we are supporting everyone in the community and that makes the strength of Australia.

To the Bakhtar Community Organisation, one of Australia’s greatest strengths is our values. That’s why a fair go and equality of opportunity for all is at the heart of everything they do, including supporting over 2000 refugees in Victoria.

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