Australians stick together in difficult times


[Anastasia]: My name is Anastasia. I was born in Ukraine, and I came to Australia 19 years ago. 

[Tatiana]: My name is Tatiana. I was born in Russia, in Samara. I came to Australia 10 years ago. 

[Anastasia]: When I think about ‘mateship’, the very first  word that comes to my mind, it’s oneness, unity, comradery, support, togetherness, that there is no separation. 

[Tatiana]: Australia comes to mind immediately when I hear that word because I think it’s so unique to Australia. 

[Anastasia]: Ana, do you know the word ‘sanga’?

[Tatiana]: ‘Sanga’? No.

[Anastasia]: It’s a sandwich! It’s like, “hey mate, do you want a sanga?”.

I believe that harmony means different things for every individual, but what harmony means for me – we all can have different opinions, right? But we still can love each other. And that’s what I love about Australia. I learn from other cultures. 

[Tatiana]: I agree with Anastasia and I can add – it’s about having a nice relationship with your family and friends, and with the wider community. Even those small things like smile to each other and  say like ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ to the neighbours. How you treated people and how people treat you…and that’s priceless. 

Well, the situation in the world now is really scary. My brain just cannot process what is going on. 

[Anastasia]: I don’t know. Personally, I feel very helpless. All I  can do is to control my emotions and I will be able to maintain the clarity, ability to at least do what I can. 

[Tatiana]: To be Australian means – to belong to a great  country, where I have rights and freedom. In Australia, I feel much more free than anywhere else in the world, and this is why Australia is such a great place to live because it’s not just declared “I think we have freedom”. 

 That’s the actual fact. That’s our reality. 

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