Australian values

​​​​​​​​Australian values are based on freedom, respect, fairness and equality of opportunity are central to our community remaining a secure, prosperous and peaceful place to live. Our values define and shape our country and they are a reason why so many people want to become Australian citizens. Our democratic institutions and shared Australian values have created our peaceful and stable society. 

Australian values include:

  • ​Respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual
  • Freedom of religion (including the freedom not to follow a particular religion), freedom of speech, and freedom of association
  • Commitment to the rule of law, which means that all people are subject to the law and should obey it
  • Parliamentary democracy whereby our laws are determined by parliaments elected by the people, those laws being paramount and overriding any other inconsistent religious or secular “laws”
  • Equality of opportunity for all people, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, or national or ethnic origin
  • A ‘fair go’ for all that embraces:
    • ​mutual respect
    • tolerance
    • compassion for those in need
    • equality of opportunity for all
  • Recognising the English language as the national language, and as an important unifying element of Australian society.

For further information see Australian values and the Australian Values Statement

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