Australian Values: A Year in Review

Over the last year, we’ve spoken to some incredible Aussies about what it means to be Australian.


[Jacqueline Auhl]: I love that there is no one way to be Australian. There’s more than 25 million people in the country and that means there’s more than 25 million ways to be Australian.

[Beny Aterdit Bol OAM]: Being Australian is more about inclusion, social inclusion, democratic values, the importance of respect.

[Ali Kadri]: I think for me, being an Australian means being part of a community in a country which respects, accepts and celebrates diversity.

[Monique Crossling]: We have such a rich, strong, diverse, multicultural community.

[Bassir Qadiri]: That’s what I love about Australia, about being Australian. It means to give back to the community to support each other.

[Ree Ali]: I have noticed that Australia is so good at coming to someone’s aid when things go wrong. The way everyone just comes together and helps each other is incredible.

[Sarah Loh]: The part of the Australian culture that I love the most is the mateship. When you make friends through an activity like sport – there’s nothing better than feeling like you belong.

[Amran Ibrahim]: What’s really great about Australia is that freedom of religion. It allows you to hold onto your core beliefs without compromising who you are but still be an Australian at the same time.

[Student]: Australia is a very multicultural and accepting place for the most part, and I think that we need to embody those values.

[Sarah Loh]: It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your beliefs are – it’s about having a go.

[Gabrielle Wang]: Once there’s an understanding, once there’s a meeting place, then all the barriers get dropped aside. We all need to feel like we belong in a country – that’s what Australia is.

We are not defined by race, religion or culture but by the shared values of freedom, respect, fairness and equality opportunity. Find out more about the seven Australian values and what they mean.

Learn more about the Australian values.

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On Thursday 29 February 2024 the Australian Values Program and its online engagement channels will be closed. We would like to thank everyone who shared their stories or engaged with the Australian Values Program in its three years of operation through the website, X, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The values will continue to hold their place in our diverse and inclusive community through other initiatives, as well as playing an integral part of the visa application process and Australian Citizenship test. For more info visit the Australian Values page.